25 thoughts on “those 4am blues

    • He’s 10 years old. I found him abandoned behind my house in NY and he came to Turkey with me. He’s a black cat so his name is Noir. Besides, I was drinking Pinot Noir when I named him.

      • Well that is a good enough reason. So an American Cat who travelled all the way to Turkey and his adventures there. You should write a book about it. 10 years of age, that sounds like a good age for a Cat, or do they live longer, I have never had any Cats only Dogs – all Rescue Dogs – like “Noir”, mine were not named after any Wines unfortunately. Take care.

      • I always thought of myself as a dog person but this cat, my first, has wormed his way into my heart. I’m not sure how long they live. He seems healthy, though.

  1. Dogs and Cats always take our hearts don’t they. My Dog, cross between Lurcher/Alsatian had been rehomed and returned three times, and I think we were possibly her last chance. She gave us a few problems but with lots of love and reassurance she settled down, now Daisy controls us (well me at least), she is a good girl and thoroughly spoilt but aren’t they all.

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