Tune: “Immortal at the River” by Su Shi

Leonard Durso

Drinking at Eastern Slope by night,
I sober, then get drunk again.
When I come back, it’s near midnight.
I hear the thunder of my houseboy’s snore,
I knock but no one answers at my door.
What can I do but, leaning on my cane,
Listen to the river’s refrain?

I long regret I am not master of my own.
When can I just ignore the hums of up and down?
In the still night the soft winds quiver
On the ripples of the river.
From now on, I would vanish with my little boat,
For the rest of my life, on the sea I would float.

translated by Xu Yuan-zhong

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9 thoughts on “Tune: “Immortal at the River” by Su Shi

  1. This is great Sir Leonard…
    I feel the emptiness of solitude yet it celebrate at how nature
    accompanied the longing of searching meaning about life, and even death.
    Another good stuff i read today.
    God bless.

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