what was that all about

Leonard Durso

there are those moments
in life
when someone says
or does
something so astounding
either in brilliance or ignorance
that you go
what was that all about
and today
of all days
as I was out wandering
on these ancient streets
I had such a moment
and thought
they follow me
these people
halfway around the world
to keep me on my metaphoric toes
no sleepwalking here
for this long island kid
you can’t let your guard down
not for a moment
even if you think it’s safe
no sharks in sight
the water warm and inviting
uh huh
sure right
Norman Rockwell country
here in Turkey
but there is no safe harbor
no sign of relief
and no matter how hard you try
you just won’t get
what that was all about

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5 thoughts on “what was that all about

  1. Brilliant. I wanted to quote some lines and say especially that part is amazing, but couldn’t choose any. I’ve been reading the poem again and again, saying “yes, this part”, “no, no, this part”, which means I loved it as a whole I guess πŸ™‚ Thank you long island kid.

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