6 thoughts on “from the film Hud, based on the novel Horseman, Pass By by Larry McMurtry

  1. I’m afraid that in the US, this will very much prove to be true… Although I may not have always agreed with the Obama administration, I very much admire President Obama and his family and have felt so proud to tell people I’m from the United States when asked. I get a very sick feeling in my stomach when I think of the changes coming and the people who will be in charge are not people I admire nor are they people I would want my grandchildren to emulate. Anita

  2. I must agree with the above comments Leonard, but I don’t really feel the “thinking” has changed with the radical right bigots and war-mongers, rather they have just been given the okay to crawl from under their rock.

  3. I read mostly the other Larry McMurtry books which television series helped to remember. I read too quickly to allow many books to linger in my mind. Some resonate and I did like “Hud.” Maybe more of a visual person as I age. (?) 🙂

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