On Talking To Waitresses & Waiters

An older post brought to mind by last night’s conversation with a waiter and though some things have changed, they are pretty much the same.

Leonard Durso

I was having dinner last night at my favorite hamburger place here on a corner a few blocks up from the Rexx Theatre. I find I crave a hamburger 2 or 3 times a month here, perhaps it being some sort of longing not for my home country but the home I left behind many years ago where my father wearing this silly felt hat I bought in Freedomland (a theme park from my youth that, like my youth, no longer exists) grilled Sabrett hotdogs and these big, fat, greasy hamburgers in our backyard while talking politics with my uncles. I think this memory goes back to about a year before he died and is one of those memories I have where I was filled with love and a bit of awe for the man I almost got to know.
But the reason I bring this up is because hamburgers…

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5 thoughts on “On Talking To Waitresses & Waiters

  1. They have no clue about their future, what’s the point of dreaming about something that clearly is not going to happen? That way they won’t be deceived, Getting an education is no longer a step for succeeding, as it was in the past for most of those involved in getting it. Getting a degree or less than that isn’t for many teens their main goal, they belong to the generation that has to be at school for 12 years – and that time is perceived as a waste by the great majority. Of course the best still have the notion of what it takes to reach success – they are the minority and somehow they already belong to a family that still understands the importance of school.

  2. Same here in Canada, the youth have no idea what they will do and little hope of achieving it. There have been so many technological changes that a lot of professions, in the work world, have disappeared. I blame a lot of this dystopia on globalism. We seem to have lost our souls while looking for the cheapest items in to store. Now we face the threat of AI (Artificial Intelligence and robotics). No wonder depression is so pervasive among many of the young people.

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