a word to my followers on my “technical difficulties”

I’m having trouble viewing my own wordpress site. It just will not open on any of my computers whether I use Safari or Google Chrome and the Help Desk here suggests I change providers which will be problematic for me here in Turkey. My contract with my current provider ends in May and to cancel it sooner would incur a fine. I will be moving from here to a city just north of Izmir and will hopefully not have this issue once there but you never know. I do not know if I can solve this issue before I move and my only other option is to close this blog and begin all over again, though there is no guarantee that will be successful, either.

So, please bear with me as I hope to find a solution. In the meantime, I can usually access my dashboard to see activity on the blog and can usually access my Reader to view your posts but cannot always access other blogs from my email notifications so if I don’t respond to posts from time to time understand I am experiencing “technical difficulties”.

I will post this now but will not be able to view it myself nor can I share it through my facebook or twitter accounts. Is that irony? Maybe, but certainly not tragic when compared to what else is going on in the world.

57 thoughts on “a word to my followers on my “technical difficulties”

  1. You’re not alone in this and I’m not sure why they are recommending changing providers. The issue is on their end. Michelle from “Putting My Feet in the Dirt” is having the same problem and she’s in the states. Try questioning WP again and mention there are others. Good luck!!!

  2. Oh no. I hope you don’t close the blog. At least you now know you aren’t the only one having this problem. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that you’re back with us again soon ❤

  3. Just been reading coffekatblog.com , who has been having problems with Reader, as I have. Other people seem to be having other problems with changes, but there is no way of working out what is going on. I hope your problems are solved with the changeover.

  4. I hope it will all be solved soon for you, sorry but I don’t understand all the technical bits and pieces. I do hope all goes well with your move Leonard and that you will be happy in your New Home. Bit of luck your problems will be solved before too long, in the meantime shall miss you and your wonderful Blogs – take care Leonard, all the best – Anna.

  5. I think the issue is at their end. I have had sheer torture with them for weeks now. The reader in particular won’t load but neither will other pages sometimes. I know I have a bad internet signal but it is not this bad.

  6. Hi Leonardo this can not be your provider but WP. If you join at any other provider, at a friend’s house for example, you’ll see that the problem persists. Try WP and please be safe. 🙂 🙂

  7. I hope this problem you are having is soon resolved. I have had a number of issues that have originated with WordPress and eventually resolved. I do hope you are able to continue posting, your poetry is wonderful.

    • Thank you. It seems to be resolved as of last night after almost 5 days of trouble. My fingers are crossed. I think these problems result because WP keeps altering the format.

      • I am really glad, I would be very disappointed to lose access to your wonderful blog. I imagine you are right, WP glitches…Have a lovely day!

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