waiting for the sun to rise

Seems rather appropriate to me today for many reasons.

Leonard Durso

many many years ago
I sat on the beach
in Santa Monica
with Gordon Anderson
waiting to see the sunrise
we had a bottle of scotch
or maybe bourbon
with us
and waited the whole night
till morning
in the early hours
as it became light
all around us
and there was no sun
in the sky
we realized the sun
rose in the east
and set in the west
we were on the wrong coast
for what we were expecting
a lesson there
I learned
either you change your expectations
or your coast
a lesson here
I am learning
all over

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19 thoughts on “waiting for the sun to rise

  1. Glad it happens to other people as well as me. I have confused the sun’s position when in the northern hemisphere- it just looks all wrong after so much time in the southern hemisphere.

  2. That feeling of waiting for something that is never going to happen… because you’re in the wrong place. I like the thinking in this, and we do this in a lot ways in life… sadly.

    I’m sure I would wait for the sun looking in the wrong direction, because I’m pretty useless at my north, south, east and west! 😀

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