on lessons in life: dealing with it or the buck stops here

Leonard Durso

a problem pops up
and you have three choices
ignore it
maybe it’ll go away
ask someone else
what to do about it
so you don’t have to
make a decision
on your own
and thus be responsible
or else deal with it
not the easiest option
but ultimately
the one that helps you
and be the adult
you claim to be

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8 thoughts on “on lessons in life: dealing with it or the buck stops here

  1. As you know and I have learned; option one Never works out positively; option two is a cop-out and always leads to regret or worse; option three, as you stated, makes one grow up and is the only positive option on the table, even if it hurts or embarrasses at the time of decision. Becomming an adult is not so easy as it seemed when I was young.

  2. Leonard, one can face that problem every day every hour of the week and it can be sorted but not when it means losing all you have given your health for, your happiness for, not to the point where you have taken all you could for the sake of your Sons, not letting some unworthy have it when they stole from you in the first place.

  3. I am reminded of the John Lennon quote: “There are no problems, only solutions.” It seems if we look hard enough, we can find the solution within the problem… At ;east that is how it has been for me. I am not saying it is easy! That actually may be a harder approach, but it gets to the true solution. Great thought provoking poem!

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