Untitled by Feng Xiao Qing (translation)

another translation from the Chinese by Mary Tang on her blog Life is But This

Life is But This 命

Feng Xiao Qing (1595 – 1692)  is a female poet, a legendary beauty and concubine in the Ming Dynasty.  It was said that little is left of her work because her husband’s jealous first wife burnt most of them.  The Peony Pavilion mentioned in her poem refers to the famous play written by Ming Dynasty playwright and poet Tang Xian Zu 唐顯祖.  Read one of his translated poems here.

Untitled by Feng Xiao Qing 

Silently the cold rain is hitting the darkened window

Languorously I lit a lamp to read the Peony Pavilion

Here is someone more possessed than I on this earth

How can it be that I have the only broken heart?

Mary Tang 鄧許文蘭 2017




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