A Story For The 4th Of July


Once upon a time there was a shepherd boy, a Kurd living in Turkey.  His family owned live stock and made feta cheese and Greek yogurt which they sold to support themselves.  It was a semi-nomadic life, moving the cows between Summer and Winter pastures.  Our shepherd boy doesn’t know his exact birthday as he was born while the family was on the move to warm weather mountain pastures.

His family and he himself were well aware of Turkish oppression of the Kurds.  So when he was old enough his father suggested he go to study and learn to speak English in America.

Our shepherd, Hamdi Ulukaya came to the U.S. in 1994, studied English and took a few business courses as well.  He first attended Adelphi College on Long Island and then transferred to the State University of New York in upstate Albany.

He ended up taking a job…

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