A translation from the Turkish by Rukiye Uçar on her blog FORGOTTEN HOPES.


That Love is Over...

That love is over, the cries of the seagulls have stopped
It is over like the water, over like against the water
The thing that we call the sea has pushed the coast away
We both forgot all sorts of discontentedness 
My eyes lost in gambling
Her eyes lost in gambling.  

It is as if the woods got windy in our chest
The trees moved away from each other
The trees got closer to each other
That is, every time we breathe
Your heart like a shuttle
My heart like its shuttle
Processed this absence again and again.

What's left
I don't know if you are aware
The days...
The days have gotten smaller. 

*Translated by Rukiye Uçar...

Bitti O Sevda…

Bitti o sevda kesildi çığlıkları martıların
Su gibi bitti, suya karşıt gibi bitti
İtti kıyıyı adına deniz dediğimiz şey
Unuttuk ikimiz de her türlü yetinmezliği

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