these days: a slight reworking

the heart sinks under memories
of other days
and I get to thinking
which is not necessarily a good thing
about those faces I see in the dark
try to remember names
personality quirks
the smell of a wet field
the sun breaking through the clouds
for instance
a dog gingerly picks his way along a beach
there are shells everywhere
and is it Gene or David
who stoops to pick one up
the dog looks up expecting a game
and that long haired woman with the green eyes
who will break my heart
in ways, at times
too numerous to mention
will make the world stop
and time
here in Izmir
moves forward
just the way it’s supposed to
dragging my mind along
but gently
to where it needs to go



14 thoughts on “these days: a slight reworking

  1. ok. There are times you sum up in a single line so much that you could write a book. Like the dark haired beauty from Salonika who breaks my heart every morning when I awaken alone.

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