The Shitty Autumn by Choi Seung-ja

a translation from the Korean by Geul on the blog Cardiac Slaves of the Stars

Cardiac Slaves of the Stars

(translated from the Korean by geul)

The shitty autumn bursts in.
Autumn like syphilis.
And death comes upon twilight,
that one paralyzed leg.


Everything loses moisture
the boundaries of all the roads crumble.
The recorded voice of yesteryear’s singer wilts
Hello? Isn’t this Juk-seon? It’s Juk-seon, right? Juk-seon
The telephone line loses the receiving end in mid-air
and lovers that have left don’t ever return even in dreams.


And — and memory’s pooling sewage
in the cheap motel of time stinking eternally of horse piss
I ask in a groggy voice returned from the dead
How far have we come? How far still to go
before the river becomes the ocean?

poem in original Korean

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2 thoughts on “The Shitty Autumn by Choi Seung-ja

  1. Best poem with “shitty” in it, ever. I’ve had a decidedly shitty week, and this cheers me up some, in that classical Chinese poetry kind of way. Thanks for finding this and posting it!

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