35 thoughts on “on dogs and cats

  1. I had such a good chuckle, how very true that is. My Sons went Christmas shopping today and our Dog Daisy spent the entire day and part evening sitting in front of the front door whimpering, this time not her screeching bark thank God. Love it.

      • My Dog cries. wimpers, barks too much and howls like a Wolf, everytime my youngest Son leaves the house. We think its because he was the first one who chose her the day, five years ago this month, that we went to the Rescue Centre. Daisy is absolutely devoted to him, sleeps in his bedroom mainly on the bed.

  2. There is a reason dogs are man’s best friend. Cats can certainly be loving, but it seems their affection is self centered where as dogs seem to love to please their owners…and themselves in the process. Both are fun and funny.!

  3. Like it. Very true. It reminds me too of something similar though different said by Gn
    Norman Scwarzkof about US involvement in Gulf War one…that it was like the difference between a pig and a chicken on your breakfast plate. One is involved, the other committed….

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