there are dates: for my mother

there are dates
one remembers
etched in one’s consciousness
numbers in stone
and this date
in January
I will never forget
Mercy Hospital
the doctors the nurses
you shivering
a door closing
and crying in Dr. Tassey’s arms
the calls to my sister Theresa
my brother Johnny
and George in my doorway
at two in the morning
our tears our tears
and you gone
leaving this emptiness
in my heart

16 thoughts on “there are dates: for my mother

  1. That was so beautiful, so touching Leonard. I envy you the love your Mother so obviously had for you and the love you had for her. I thought I had that too but rejection of a child no matter how old that child is cuts so deep and the pain of seeing others having such warm relationships loving relationships still hurts. You were so lucky Leonard to be so loved and still loved. God Bless.

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