on Easter Sunday in Aliağa, 2018

light a candle
today tonight every night
a ritual I learned
from my grandmother
and my Aunt Mary
who told me
to always light a candle
for those who have gone before
for those still here
every time I visit a church
and so I do
today tonight every night
here in the church
of my making
for those gone before
for those still here
on this day
of resurrection

9 thoughts on “on Easter Sunday in Aliağa, 2018

  1. What a really lovely way of putting it. What is the position of the Church where you are? Both in the ecclesiastical way and in the buildings on street corners kind of a way.

    • Well over 96% of the population is Muslim so churches are not always easy to find, though in my old neighborhood of Moda in Istanbul there were a few I could wander into, especially an older Greek Orthodox Church that my barber told me predated the conquest. There are also two cathedrals in and around Taksim in Istanbul, one being a RC cathedral that Pope John XXIII visited and a statue of him stands outside. But here, in Aliağa, there are no churches and none that I know of that are easily accessible in Izmir but I must do more research on that. Christians, though, and Jews are not discriminated against and there are many historic places associated with both faiths that are visited by tourists and Turks alike. The house where the Virgin Mary lived during her last years was reconstructed here and is a holy site protected by the government. Churchres, though, are set back from the street since Ottoman times and many were converted into mosques.

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