8 thoughts on “in the air

  1. Hello Leonard,
    My blog is now set to Private. If you still like, you can request access to my blog. I am accepting my regulars.
    Sorry for this hassle. Thank you for your support.
    – Jen

    • Hi Jen, yes, I would like access to your blog. Though I don’t log on as frequently as I once did, I still try to catch up with bloggers who are my regulars like you and whose posts I have always enjoyed. Thank you.

      • Yes, I have noticed the absence on my feed. I try to stay in touch with the ones that have been there from the start, and the ones that return.
        Honestly, going Private is a bit of a hassle – the reader has to request access (from my site) which I’ll then approve. Aaah. 🙂
        Have a nice day.

      • I’m glad you are accepting me. You were there from the beginning of my blogging experience and I would hate to lose you now. You are such an interesting person.

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