15 thoughts on “on reading Su Tung-p’o

  1. Most beautiful wordings,dear zduno!! Where were you wandering still now.your suddenly appearance on my blog is big surprise for me and my lost gift as you are gifted is given by this New Year.Happy New Year,My Dear Leonard Durso🌹🌲🌻🌺🌷💐🌷🌻🌲🌹i am most happy to see you again.💗

  2. It seems extraordinary how human nature can experience the same emotions and explore the same thoughts today as centuries ago – but then I think how Homo sapiens has been around for forty thousand years – or more depending on how we define ourselves. Culture changes doesn’t it. Sometimes very rapidly. But the psychology seems consistent.
    You’ve set me thinking Leonard, but I’m being incoherent. Time to shut up and simply wish you a happy new year.

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