oh how different

it’s easy to identify
with the longing
of those ancient Chinese friends
of mine
but oh how different
to feel at home
here in self-imposed exile
among people more alike
than different
from those from whom
I came

at home

they say
it feels right
as if there is only one place
that feels right
when there really are more
all feeling right
at any given time
under any given set
of circumstances
as they also say
is everything
and this time
or that time
any given time
finds a place that feels right
here now this
yesterday that
tomorrow who knows
enjoy each place
be at home wherever you are
and wherever you are
will be home

the little things

it’s the little things really
Jif’s crunchy peanut butter
Nature Valley granola bars
fresh ground coffee beans
my Baileys my Black Bush
the sound of a train
leaving a station
I could be anywhere
but I am here
with enough of the familiar
sprinkled amidst what once was
a foreign landscape
for me to settle back
in what has become home

from my balcony

children laughing below
out back
on the lawns
the sprinklers working
in the front
and the wine
in my glass
in hand
warms what’s left
of my heart
there is peace
my neighbor’s acts
of kindness
the plate of dolma
the fruit
from the bazaar
and the cover
on my scooter
the driver’s grin
when I say
iyi akşamlar
the invitation
to go fishing
on weekends
in such a short time
to be at home
I lean back
in the chair
on my balcony
my feet up
a breeze caresses
my face
and I doze off
letting memories
of the past
drift away

In Aliağa

Izmir 041I sit
no longer a stranger
on the shore
local merchants
now call me
by name
the taxi driver knows
where I live
a world within
a larger world
at home now
in Aliağa
in the north
of Izmir
it may not be
where I’m from
but it could be
where I belong