Song by Ch’in Kuan

Pleading eyebrows, intoxicating eyes!
When I first looked at you, I knew my heart was lost.

Do you remember that time in the west–
your billowing, cloudlike hair,

your best silk stockings, your lilac tongue?
You said to me, “When was I treated so well?”

But before the clouds and rain,
east winds blew everything away.

I’m grieving still,
but heaven doesn’t hear.

translated by Sam Hamill

Farewell Song by Ch’in Kuan

Faint clouds caress the mountains
where blue sky enters dry grass.

From the watchtower, a lone horn sounds.
Suddenly, I want to stop my little boat

and share a farewell cup of wine.
Our time together was a glimpse of paradise.

But it is futile to remember—
only the mist remains.

translated by Sam Hamill