little black dress

little black dress
she wears
that night
and twirls
around the room
you like
she asks
that twinkle
in her eyes
I say
very much
but more
I like
who wears it
she laughs
and twirls
in the room
in my heart
she twirls

poised before the new year

I would like to have
only good memories
of this day
this time of year
but I just see hospitals
both parents dying
this first month bodes heartache
for me
so I approach January
like a door on a house
one fears might be haunted
for ghosts reside here
and though I see candlelight
a woman dancing naked
friends huddled around fondue pots
three floors of live bands
parties with casinos
and people dressed as elves
dinner at the Duck House
a woman in a tuxedo
and fishnet stockings
tap dancing her way
into my heart
there are still those ghosts
like birds of prey
waiting for another soul
to stumble to fall
in the desert
that is sometimes