For A Hopeful Ending by Turgut Uyar

one day I leave what is to remain of me
everything left unfulfilled remains

who would want to die in summertime
everything I left unfulfilled remains

my life seems to be of a whiteness
everything I left unfulfilled remains

I expand I scatter I am white
one day I leave, what is to remain of me

one day I leave oh vigorous horse
something of mine will surely remain

translated by Omer Kursat

I woke Up Three Times Loving You by İlhan Berk

I woke up three times loving you
I then changed the water in the vase
I could see a cloud that had taken off, drifting away.

Your face looked at if it fell off a part of the morning.

I paced the street the balcony and a half finished poem
I was bored I cooked for myself I dried herbs
I could hear a voice say “My Laurel!”

Your face was like the first days of the Republic.

I got up then walked up and down
Read poems, I reached the age of the poems
I felt your breath of clove gum on me.

I run through it over and over until only your beauty remains.

translated by Omer Kursat

At An Old Street Of Pera by İlhan Berk

Birds ascend from Hagia Irene
A stalk of grass behind their ears.

I tell myself that I am here finally
Here at this place, intersecting wth an old atlas.

A cat is gazing into your eyes
And the sky further below, as low as it can be.

And a woman trying to cross the street
I think of you and her incredibly thin neck that I do not see.

Peddlers, soldiers, knife sharpeners pass in front of me
And the sulky laborers of our world.

A voice says we are on the same peninsula
And vanishes down an old street of Pera.

I tread an old street of Pera like this every night
Every night with your mud on my soles.

translated by Omer Kursat

Rose by Cemal Süreya

I cry in the middle of the rose
Every night when I die in the middle of the street
I do not know my front or back
When I sense your eyes diminish in the dark
The eyes that keep me standing

I hold your hands, caress them till dawn
Your hands are white, white again and again
I am scared of your hands being this white
They are briefly a train at the station
I am a man who sometimes cannot find the station

I pick up the rose, brush it against my face
Had fallen on the street somehow
I break my arms, my wings
There is blood, a ruckus and music
And a new gypsy playing the horn

translated by Omer Kursat

If I Come By Now by Turgut Uyar

if I come by now, you’ve bathed
combed your hair.
droplets on your forehead,
a lightness in your face.
like the stars after a mist
your fingers have turned pink
you’re sprawled on the bed . . .

I wrote this as a love song, my bride
rain is now falling on the roads, on the leaves.
if I come by you are home,
together with all the warmth.
your bosom covered
your lips apart.
if you would breathe upon and warm my hands.

. . . .

but where are you now. . .

translated by Omer Kursat

Pale Blue by Aslı Durak

Hold my hand
Not to carry me far away . . . no
My roots and branches
Will strain for distant clouds

Maybe my eyes
Are in that same pavilion of loneliness now
Let my face again be the statue of sadness

When you beautify me
I’m a pale blue woman now

translated by George Messo

Wind by Ayten Mutlu

woman smaller than a grain of sand
the sea smaller stili than a woman’s pain

it came and went that ancient wind
ignoring the sea and the Milky Way

and the woman walked with her naked memories
never stepping on the sand or the stars

translated by George Messo