6 thoughts on “from The Boat by Kabir

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  2. “To what shore would you cross, O my heart? there is no traveler before you, there is no road:
    Where is the movement, where is the rest, on that shore?
    There is no water; no boat, no boatman, is there;
    There is not so much as a rope to tow the boat, nor a man to draw it.
    No earth, no sky, no time, no thing, is there: no shore, no ford!
    There, there is neither body nor mind: and where is the place that shall still the thirst of the soul? You shall find naught in that emptiness.
    Be strong, and enter into your own body: for there your foothold is firm. Consider it well, O my heart! go not elsewhere,
    Kabîr says: “Put all imaginations away, and stand fast in that which you are.”

    translated by Rabindarnath Tagore

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