3 thoughts on “Rumi on thinking vs living

  1. …except having the idea. I haven’t yet met the person who, having read a few lines of Rumi, hasn’t considered Rumi “a personal friend of mine,” that type of friend who may have even changed his or her life by having written something, by having had the idea and sharing it. And even though the idea I’m having, having read Rumi, is a different idea, it’s all due to freakin’ Rumi having the idea (and Coleman Barks translating it, a-and Len Durso posting it.) Here’s where I have to disagree with my personal and close friend Rumi. I think having the idea is the vast percentage of the reality of anything. I even think he’d agree with me, after it was translated into another language, and errrr, if Rumi could time travel along with his words, and follow my blog. Or at least read comments on yours!

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