14 thoughts on “from the Law & Order episode “Breeder”, Ben Stone on facing an unknown and potentially damaging outcome in a courtroom but which, for some reason, I find appropriate today

  1. I believe Ben Stone was portrayed by Michael Moriarty. Whatever, I did get to work with him in my early career in film & tv. He was very nice to me.
    More memorable was working with Sam Waterston on a Showtime/Paramount movie, as I was a costume designer at that point. You can see how good he looks in my 1800’s costumes on my website! https://resamcconaghy.com/a-house-divided/
    Well, whatever!

    • Yes, you’re right about Michael Moriarty playing Ben Stone. Sam Waterston played Jack McCoy, the ADA who replaced him in the series and was with the show to the end (2010). They had very different attitudes as to how to do their job. I saw both on stage several times in NY but only met Waterston socially a few times because one of my best friends was the Associate Producer at the Public Theatre under Joe Papp and I went with him to various functions. He’s still very good friends with Waterston. And yes, he is a very nice man. Your costumes, by the way, look great.

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