Istanbul, the world

they offer condolences
these great leaders
of the world
but their bickering
their self-interest
make their words
and people
cry out
when will it end
this cry
through the centuries
it will end
when it ends
which history shows
will not be
in anyone’s lifetime
meanwhile the bodies
pile up
on all our doorsteps

38 thoughts on “Istanbul, the world

  1. how was it possible that so much hate and violence have become the norm?

    like an unstoppable disease this senseless violence will hit us all sooner or later!

    will there be no place for hope in better days?

    cold-blooded murderers will continue to decimate the innocents

    it will take years to heal all the wounds of this insane war!

  2. I was horrified to hear of the attack in Istanbul. There is no safe place as our enemies. (In terms of terror)are embedded among us and morphing as would a dread disease. There has never been peace and I am not hopeful that there ever will be among the many factions that make up this chaotic world of ours.

  3. In one of Pink Floyd’s older songs they mention: “… nations wash their bloody hands…” which always makes me think of Herod in the Bible. None will take any responsibilities that could make him/her unpopular and none really want to end the wars…
    So sad. 😦

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