stumbling to the end of the month: January and my mother

there are some things
one cannot write about
words just won’t do
to express
what is in the heart
and January
always eludes me
as I stumble my way
to the end
of the month
remembering you
the hospital



27 thoughts on “stumbling to the end of the month: January and my mother

  1. To me it is early December, cold and without snow – as this is when I lost my dearest Grandmother that I was trying to say ‘goodbye’ to for the 3 days, in the hospital where she was dying after a car accident, I remember how hopeless I felt when I heard that there is nothing that doctors could do – to save her. Every year I feel the same kind of pain – that does not really ‘heal’ with the time, but I think it is the love to her that does not allow me to be at peace with a loss of somebody that I loved so dearly. There is a piece of music that I always listen when I miss her – it is beautiful, moving and it’s called ‘Conversations With Father’ (Zbigniew Preisner). Have a blessed day dear Len. You’re dear Mum is with you at all times and I am sure you can feel it with your heart.

  2. Very touching, are not Sons so close to their Mothers, Leonard. Strange, my Father died the end of January too. My Husband died just before Christmas 94 – two months I find difficult.

      • They are Leonard and yet a happy memory too, we were Married on December 27, 1975. David died December 15,1994 and was cremated December 23,1994 and our youngest Son was 10 when his Daddy died and would have his birthday four days later December 15, our eldest Son was 15. It was very tough and for a long time, but the Boys and myself pulled together, we got through and are still very close, I am most fortunate to have two good Sons. I miss my Father still, he died the end of January 1978, longed for a Grandchild, I had my first Son June 20, 1979 I had tried for so long, a Gift surely.

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