Dream Song (2) by Li Qing Zhao (translation)

another translation from the Chinese by Mary Tang on her blog Life is But This

Life is But This 命

Again this poem was set to a tune, with set rules and format.  A comment by Sunshine has prompted me to translate another by the female Song Dynasty poet Li Qing Zhao.  If you compare the original text of the two you will see, even if you don’t read Chinese that they both have 33 characters, 7 phrases with the fifth and sixth being repeats:

爭渡,爭渡,in this one and 知否,知否,in the first (see last post)

My English translation does not obey the rules and there are many more than the ones I have already mentioned e.g. five end rhymes, and each character having a set tone etc.

Dream Song (2) by Li Qing Zhao (1084 – 1151)

Often I recall one sunset at a riverside pavilion

So intoxicated by it that I lost my way home

Late I returned satiated in the boat and

Strayed into a tangle of lotus

Fighting through

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