Don’t Ask by Turgay Fişekçi

Don’t ask me who I am
Whence I came from
Which days the red clouds
In my eyes are from, don’t ask.

Inexplicable things
May indeed have occurred in the days begone
I may have eaten the grapes
I stole from the vineyards
Leaning against the bosom of the blue sky.

Don’t ask me who I am
What my job is, how old I am
Just say “Do you love me?”
And ask no more.

translated by Gül Erçetin & Suat Karantay

7 thoughts on “Don’t Ask by Turgay Fişekçi

  1. Wonderful, …I recently read a quote that referred to truly loving. If so, we fully accept a person without question, no measures, no catagorising, no assessment. Thats what he asks, he must want her love

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