Abz by Leyla Şahin

I come through the rains
my name, that of an old sea
before the earth was born
I swayed in the depths for thousands of years

I come through the winds
my name that of an old storm
slowly opening the velvet curtains
I escape to the meadows, in my eyes
a child’s mind

I come through the mountains
one half of my face in the mist
the other wandering in the woods
as joyful as a bird ready to migrate
I bring the spring with me

I come through the paths
path: the first ABC of my life
A: alienation, B: being together
M: meeting, Z: beyond all boundaries

I grasp an island of loneliness and come

love: the oldest scar on my face,
I come with my wounds.

translated by Ahu Dereli & Jean Carpenter Efe

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