10 thoughts on “years: for Lady Isabeau D’anjou

  1. Although I saw this in my feed a year ago, it wasn’t til now that I came back to find and re-read it that I realised I have never said how simple and beautiful this is. Perhaps when I travel, if indeed I ever do, I will make a point of visiting your country for I believe we would have a fabulous conversation as I passed through… a conversation about well-chosen words exquisitely phrased. Thank you.

    • Thank you for those very kind, thoughtful words. I would love to have that conversation over coffee or wine at one of the many lovely café here. I’m sure it would be enlightening for both of us.

  2. Reblogged this on Tabte Til Hinanden and commented:
    LD wrote this over a year ago, I claimed it as ‘mine’ when I read it and this year I have come back to it several times just to re-read it. I want to share it with whomever passes this way but also to encourage you to visit Leonard Durso’s page… he finds subtle and touching (translations of) poetry, and amazing quotes… and writes beautiful poems himself. It’s a lovely site to dip in to and lose yourself for a while…

      • Thank you for writing this. I hoped it was for me. I am touched that it truly is mine to claim. And, ‘for the record’, what I say/feel about your writing is just a matter of truth. 🙂

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