Complaynt by Anne Waldman

I’m wanton–no I’ve stopped that.
That old place
I’ve changed, I’m Mother
It’s more mysterious.
How odd the past looks
When I reread old notebooks,
See their faces fade
I feel it everywhere
& ordinary too
Am I safer now?
Was other way gayer?
I’m Mother now, O help &

2 thoughts on “Complaynt by Anne Waldman

  1. When I was at Uni Kerouac and Ginsberg were not look at kindly. I was a great fan of Ginsberg and Kerouac but I only started learning more as I got older and started re-reading so it is fantastic to be prompted into reading about others in the beat group. The only trouble is my 20 yo daughter has stolen all my Kerouac. Thanks for the re-energising.

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