Nothing is as it used to be by Cahit Sıtkı Tarancı

Nothing is as it used to be,
Neither am I.
I don’t care about myself for a long time,
Nor my appearance.
I walk barefoot now.
Neither flu nor cold scares me as they used to.
I have bigger problems, like everyone else, which mint and lemon are no good for.
I don’t mind the swollen tonsils relapsing every winter and spring,
I don’t eat or drink too hot or too cold, they all go by in a few days anyway.
Things go on.
Things go by.
Yet there are things that I swallow despite the pain they inflict.
Things which do not go on
Things which do not go by
I have trouble sleeping at times, but,
I don’t care about this sleeping thing anymore,
Since I’ve realized, there are things which do not disappear with sleeping anymore.

translated by Burak Tıraş

17 thoughts on “Nothing is as it used to be by Cahit Sıtkı Tarancı

  1. It is paramount that each of us come to this stage in life. It shows we have been weathered. Hopefully we can grow into the next state. It is a time of acceptance , hope and even a degree of comfortability that leads one to look back on it all and say “I understand now and had to endure it all to get to where I am now.”

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