Before the Mountain Beyond the Mountain by Ferit Edgü

My belief amounts to nothing–theirs to quite something
Down the mountain come the deer–I look at the deer
They at the mountain

I believe in scarcely a single thing, if anything in mankind
They trust in nearly everything, but never humankind

They look at the mountain–while I look beyond it

The deer go down the mountainside
Beyond the mountain

translated by Jean Carpenter Efe

North Star by Ferit Edgü

O sea–Please leave me in peace o sea
Summon me no more; without a sail
A poor boat am I, left alone, there’s now just me
Forgotten here on the sands

O sea–Share your secret with me
O north star, northwest wind, the storms
I who am a weary Kirghiz
Caught in the saddle of my horse
The whole winter long

O sea–Wreck me upon a rocky shore of yours, remote
Bury me in the waters so that this silent
Life of sailing finds an end
Because separated from you
I have naught but my name–No, say no more, shh

Let it be, let no one ever remember my name

translated by Jean Carpenter Efe

On This Road by Ferit Edgü

The road’s asphalt
The sea so smooth
Soon, much too soon the day is done

The forest’s dry
Is the water ice
So that we
All of us, all of us have been deceived

The mountain’s steep
The road’s a threat
The sea so rough
How many how many how many
Have gone astray on these roads

translated by Jean Carpenter Efe