through the trees

the breeze feels cool
on my face chest
a bird calls somewhere
beyond the yard
and a statue of Ataturk
can be seen
through the trees
a schoolyard empty now
still an hour before
the call to prayer
but my soul
finds peace
in the space
between the leaves
in the air
not quite dawn
not quite night

evening in Elmira

the cat moves
around this newcomer
paw to foot
an experiment
the fan blows
a friend sleeps
the night quiet
in the upper regions
of New York State
and peace
in the heart
among friends

May 1st in Izmir, 2015

woke up
to watch the sun
light the sky
the cat
licking my arm
fresh brewed coffee
on the back balcony
the box from my office
to be unpacked
then packed again
in this transition
but for now
that breeze
sunlight on trees
a few birds
singing to me
a new day
in the rest
of my life