from Deva-like Barbarian: Lyric 1 by Wei Chuang

The night of our parting in the red tower is enough for sorrow;
By the fragrant lamp, the tasseled screen is but half rolled up.
As I leave the moon is just fading;
She says goodbye mixed with tears.

The guitar is ornamented with gold and kingfisher feathers;
From its strings come the caroling cries of orioles.
Urging me to return soon,
She is like a flower in the window!

translated by Lois M. Fusek

from Sand of Silk-washing Stream: Lyric 3 by Wei Chuang

I wake in sad reverie; the moon is slating over the mountain;
A single lamp shines on the wall from behind the window curtain;
The beautiful one lives in a high apartment in the small tower.

I think of her lovely jade-like face–how shall I compare it?
A branch of cold plum blossoms in the spring snow.
The fragrant mist of her body is like the gathered clouds of dawn.

translated by Lois M. Fusek

from Deva-like Barbarian, Five Lyrics: Lyric Five by Wei Chunang

Spring is bright and splendid in the city of Lo-yang;
But the man of Lo-yang grows old in another land.
The willows darken on the Prince of Wei’s embankment;
At this time I am confused and bewildered.

Alongside the blossoming peach, the spring waters run clear;
Mandarin ducks bathe in their freshness.
My regret gathers force in the setting sun;
I think of you, but you do not know it.

translated by Lois M. Fusek

from “Deva-like Barbarian,” Five Lyrics by Wei Chuang

Everyone says it is good to live south of the Yangtze;
The traveler can but stay there until he grows old.
The spring waters are more blue than the heavens;
On the painted boat drowsily I listen to the rain.

The girl who pours wine is like the moon;
Her wrists are as bright as frosted snow.
If you are not yet old, don’t return home;
To return home is to be broken hearted!

translated by Lois M. Fusek