The Bee by Cemal Sureya

You are watching a bee whizzing by in the room
The way
You ate your milk pudding
Three days ago.

Only after mere three days of my cajoling,
Coaxing, feeding, lying
You reached this serenity:
Thin, naked
Your pale, still unripe breasts showing,
Leaning against the board,
Nibbling a mackintosh apple. . .

translated by Murat Nemet-Nejat

3 thoughts on “The Bee by Cemal Sureya

    • Hi Ar Vhee,

      I’m honored that you chose to nominate me for this award and will try to complete the instructions but I have to admit I’m not very computer savvy and may have trouble linking things and posting the award but I’ll give it my best college try.

      But thank you again.


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