untitled poem by Nazim Hikmet

Snow closed the road
you weren’t there
kneeling and facing you
I gazed at your face
with my eyes closed.

Ships won’t sail, planes won’t fly
you weren’t there
across from you I was leaning on the wall
I spoke and spoke and spoke
without opening my mouth.

You weren’t there
I touched you with my hands
my hands were on your face.

translated by Talat S. Halman

3 thoughts on “untitled poem by Nazim Hikmet

    • I was pleased to find your blog. As a beginner in studying Turkish I find poetry a most inspiring entry to the language. The original last lines of the poem are:
      ellerimle dokundum sana
      ellerim yüzümdeydi
      The translation above says “my hands were on your face” but his hands were on his own face, a tangible imagery of her absence.

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