6 thoughts on “The Retired Official Yuan’s High Pavilion by Tu Mu

    • There are so many different translations of his work available and quite a few that are free on kindle. I have a translation by Charles Martin that I bought years ago which I find quite readable but I bought it because there weren’t that many choices then. I might be tempted now to get a dual language edition though I can’t read Latin but I tend to like dual language editions. I’m not sure this is helpful. Is it?

      • Thank you. It was helpful, except now I’m wondering about that dual language edition as well. I always wished I had been able to learn Latin at school, as I worked with a team of scientists for a while, and was captivated by the Latin in Linnaean names.

      • Good luck in finding one you like. If you have a kindle &/or like reading on your computer, there are several offered for free through amazon, including dual language ones.

      • Thanks Leonard – no, I’m a traditionalist. I got a Kindle for a while but gave it away to my granddaughter. Just love books…

      • Me, too, but unfortunately I can’t get all he books I would like to read in English in Turkey so sometimes must depend on kindle editions.

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