TheYinwu Pavilion by Yu Xuanji

Blossoms of spring, the autumn moon–
you have to turn them into poems

the bright days, the clear nights–
you feel surrounded by floating gods

I rolled up the curtain idly
and never rolled it back

I moved my couch to face the mountains
and slept here from then on.

translated by David Young & Jiann I. Lin

15 thoughts on “TheYinwu Pavilion by Yu Xuanji

    • Thank you, Herbert. I am honored you thought of me and congratulated you on your award with a “like” but I have decided long ago to have have an awards free blog. I am just glad that people read and like what I post and that is reward enough. I meant to tell you this on your post but responding to you directly is better, I think. Thanks again, though.

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