Balloons by Şavkar Altınel

On cloudless nights
right before darkness falls
big balloons around here
sometimes appear in the sky;
like pears upside down
they drift away slowly
with flames from their burners
occasionally flaring.

And you imagine
getting on one and rising up high;
the ropes moved by the wind
the basket swinging in empty space
and beneath a life’s
familiar landscapes:
fields of hope, hills of love
darkened woods
where dreams come to an end
a few bitter towns
not removed from memory yet
and roads of regret
stretching away bending and curling
all are small, even, remote
and now almost forgotten
as the day fades slowly away.

translated by Didem Ünlü & Suat Karantay

11 thoughts on “Balloons by Şavkar Altınel

      • Trouble is Leonard I have “Meniere’s” have not had a bad attack for some time now, its when I have the attacks the Vertigo starts first and then all the other awful nasty bits and pieces. I never know when an attack is coming, I am deaf on the left side, a gift from my so called sister years ago. As I walked away from her during a row she used her fists on the top of my head, my late husband heard the row rushed up the stairs and caught me before I fell. Months later all the problems appeared. If I ever do get to San Francisco I want to go on a balloon over the Bay etc, hence my worry over dizzy.

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