I Planted In Your Body by Tristan Tzara

I planted in your body darling the flower
That will scatter on your throat cheeks hands petals
And your breasts will burst into bud tomorrow–spring
I like your eyebrows and your eyes shiny like metal
And your arms which curve like snakes, waves, sea

From your body I’d like to make palaces, architectural gradens
And monumental earthly gardens
And to bury myself in your flesh when I die
And in their ground to bury myself when I die

In your hair I breathe the scent of grapes of oranges
In your eyes in black I see a sun and zest for eating on your lips
With your teeth you’d like to tear flesh from soul
And your nails to turn into claws

I’d love to bite your breasts like bread is bitten into
By hungry men who pick up coins from the pavement
I’d love to flower your gaze with architectural gardens
And to line your thoughts with earthly dreams, mamia.

translated by Julian Semilian & Sanda Agalidi

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