Wind by Cahit Külebi

A wind just blew past this way
I ran but could not catch it
Where it had wandered about
I was not able to find out.

Obviously blowing in from the sea
It must have swept along the seashore
The smell of salt, tar, sweat
Must have nauseated it.

Then starting to climb towards the mountains
It must have herded the clouds like sheep
Caressing the grass on the plains
Must have nourished them.

If it has stopped by in the villages
It must have rocked cradles in dark humid rooms
Must have brought solace
To those working under the sun.

Then beginning to ascend towards the plains
In the poppy fields pink, lilac, white
In the arid soil blue thorns
Dust must have filled its eyes.

It must have stopped by in cities since it swept past me
Must have seen girls looking like poppies
A smile, a strand of hair, rouge and powder
It must have carried away.

A wind just blew past this way
I ran but could not catch it
Perhaps it would have told me
But I could not ask it.

translated by Suat Karantay

4 thoughts on “Wind by Cahit Külebi

  1. My friend worked as an editor & translator for Turkish Poetry Today, which just launched its 5th volume. If you search my blog you’ll find the post with a link to purchase a copy, if you are interested, as i’ve noted a couple of Turkish poems on here. If you have any problems finding it, i’ll send you a link.

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