To Beloved Old Age by Juan Ramon Jimenez

If only your memory
of me were this blue May
sky, completely filled with
the pure stars of my acts!

If my acts were identical, like them: all pure,
clear, good, tranquil, just like the stars!

Below, I see your smile in dreams
–dreams of your memories of my life!–

translated by Dennis Maloney & Clark Zlotchew

5 thoughts on “To Beloved Old Age by Juan Ramon Jimenez

      • I take no responsibility for it, I simply saw it drifting by in my mind as I read this and it was such a strong displacement I thought I had to mention it. I suddenly was on the banks of the Charles River at night, after seeing Koch read in Boston back in ’89 or something. And, uh, no wine involved in the vision thing. Just had to say that.

      • And I’m glad you did. It certainly clears things up because I was suspecting some wine induced vision and am happy to see you don’t need any aids when it comes to being displaced. We have that, too, in common.

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