Autumn Night by Wei Ying-wu


It’s autumn again. Courtyard trees rustle.
Deep in shadow, insects grieve on and on.

Alone, facing the upper library, I doze,
listening to cold rain clatter in the dark,

window-lattice now and then in the wind
trembling, lamp left failing on the wall.

Grief and sorrow, a lifetime remembered
this far away–all abandoned to the night.


Frost and dew spread away–thick, cold.
Star River swings back around, radiant.

Come a thousand niles, north wind rises
past midnight, startling geese. Branches

whisper. Icy leaves fall. And such clarity
in isolate depths of quiet, fulling-stones

grieve. I gaze out through empty space,
tangles of the heart all cold scattered ash.

translated by David Hinton

7 thoughts on “Autumn Night by Wei Ying-wu

    • Just read your profile. I live in Santa Monica, CA, just finished the MFA Screenwriting Program at UCLA. I was also in Istanbul this past summer while on my grief journey. Istanbul is magical. You’ve live quite the interesting life, sir.

      • Well it’s been what I like to call eventful. But I’m in Izmir now as of July working as a coach/consultant to managers at Petkim, the largest petrol/chemical company in the region, with the dual purpose of focusing on managerial/leadership skills while improving their communication in English.
        I read your profile. Where in Santa Monica? My store was on between 10th & 11th on Wilshire across from Tampico Tilly’s, if that’s still there.
        I also understand the nature of your blog and will follow you along on your journey.

      • I’m at Wilshire and Armacost, near Bundy, but that means about 2-3 miles away from the store could be. I love to travel and have lived abroad sporadically. Izmir? Along the beach, right? Hope you’re safe out there, the politics were turbulent when I was visiting, just after the event at Taksim Square. Thanks for the follow— my journey has been on the road of hell, but I’ll get through, we all do somehow.

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